All Saints’ ChurcH Hartford

All Saints’ Church Hartford

The Hollow

Hartford, Huntingdon. PE29 1XP


Revd Geoff Boucher


on 01480 461846

The Church by the River

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I would like to thank the staff of Huntingdon library, for pointing me in the right direction. My wife requires a big thank you for her help with the research and patience with my hours spent at the computer. Thank you to the churchwardens for access to the current church documents and to the staff of the Huntingdon County Records Office for earlier documents, the staff of the Norris Museum, St Ives and Mr & Mrs Maltby for Scout history. I am indebted to Mrs. Lilian Ann Coley, Mr. David Cozens and the late Phillip G. M. Dickinson, for the re-search that they have done in the past.

Cottages in Church Lane courtesy of Lynn Wright


Primary Sources

1. Act of Consecration, Addition to Church Yard 22-5-1860. CRO

2. 15 GEO.VI cap.145 - Burial, England Discontinuance. The Burial Grounds (Hartford) Order 1951.

3. Files of late Mrs. Betty Magee, PCC Secretary 1950 - 1973. CRO

4. Files of Sidney Inskip Ladds, ARIBA, 1867 - 1950. Norris Museum

5. Parish Minute Book 1861; plus 7 subsequent ones (missing 1966-75) CRO

6. Mike Stephenson: Huntingdonshire Family History Society 1998

7. The Hunts County Guardian (Friday May 8 1885) 'Local News' column

8. The Hunts County Guardian (Saturday May 19 1885) 'The Looker-On' column.

9. The Hunts County Guardian (Saturday May 26 1885) 'Petty Sessions' column.

Secondary Sources

1. Cocke, T. Recording A Church: an illustrated glossary, Council for British Archaeology, 1989

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APPENDIX 1 Architectural Glossary

Abacus: flat slab forming the top of a capital

Arcade: series of arches supported by columns

Arch: construction of blocks disposed in a curve or curves, supporting each other and the

         weight of the wall above it.

Arris: a sharp edge where two surfaces meet.

Capital: upper part of a column.

Casement: deep concave moulding of window jambs.

Chamfer: narrow 450 plane formed when the an-is is removed. Also stopped, hollow & sunk versions.

Corbel: a projecting block that supports a parapet or beam.

Crocket: projecting hook-shaped, leafy knobs, usually along the sloping edges of pinnacles.

Embattled: indented with vertically projecting merlons, separated by spaces called embrasures or crenelles.

Foil: a small arc in the tracery of medieval windows or panels.

Jamb: side of doorway or window.

Label: a square drip or hood mould over an arch, doorway or window.

Loop: a small narrow slit in a wall.

Mullion: slender vertical member between the lights in a window or screen opening.

Ogee: a double curve formed of a convex and a concave element.

Order: in medieval architecture, one of a series of recessed arches and jambs forming a splayed opening.

Parapet: a low wall concealing a gutter or roof.

Pier: large masonry support, usually for an arch.

Pillar: free-standing upright member of any section that is slender in proportion to its height.

Pinnacle: a small decorative turret or spire.

Respond: a half-pier attached to a wall to support an arch at the end of an arcade.

Reveal: the side of an opening in a wall between the framework and the face of wall.

Shaft: part of column between base and capital; small columns clustered around pillars or jambs.

Splay: an angled reveal.

String-course: a horizontal, usually moulded band projecting slightly from a wall.

References: Cocke, T. Recording A Church: an illustrated glossary, Council for British

                    Archaeology, 1989; Curl, J. S. English Architecture An Illustrated Glossary, David

                    & Charles, Newton Abbott, 1977

APPENDIX 2 Bell Inscriptions

1. ROBT. TAYLOR ST. NEOTS FECIT . 1799 Y (27 ins)


    BEAUMONT, OVER-SEERS (28 and a quarter ins)



    ABOUND A A (Coins) TAYLOR FECIT 1796 (33 ins)




    Reference: A History of Huntingdonshire Vol.2; The Bells Of Huntingdonshire

APPENDIX 3 Church Plate

1. Silver communion cup inscribed 'Hartford in Com Huntingdon' and hall-marked for 1689¬90. (Queen Anne)

2. Silver paten on foot, inscribed 'The gift of John Waller, gent: for the use of the Church

    of Hartford in the County of Huntingdon 1748,' but it bears the hall-mark for 1749-50.

    IHS Cross & Nails in a Glory made by John Rowe. (Geo. II)

3. Pewter Plate inscribed 'Hartford com Huntingdon 1749'

4. Silver-gilt chalice inscribed 'All Saints Church Hartford Xmas 1906. In memoriam

    E.G.B. Priest. Sep. 23, 1903' Hallmarked 1903-4.

5. Paten, inscribed as above, but hallmarked for 1904-5.

6. Silver-gilt cruet 1907: lid is surmounted by a cross with a ring of trefoils below. Body is divided

    into compartments and has a band of engraving around the top. Under the foot is a very long inscription

    recording the gift of the piece to the church in 1912 in memory of Reginald Charles Coleridge. (In box)

7. Silver-plated flagon, no marks, Victorian, lid surmounted by a four-armed cross, round the neck is a

    band of engraving and around the middle of the body is the inscription '+ pascha nostrum immoltus

    est christos' (I surmise that this item is inscribed in memory of Reginald Charles Coleridge,

    drowned in the Titanic, 15 April 1912; and hall-marked for 1912-13.) (In box)

8. Silver-gilt wafer box inscribed 'Thomas Rawsthorne Magee 1884 - 1970'

9. Silver-gilt chalice inscribed 'In loving Memory Maisie & Nancy Fisher Easter 1996'

10. Silver-gilt bowl paten, no marks.

Reference: 1. Present 'Glebe Terrier'; 2. Fitzwilliam Museum receipt; 3. A History of Huntingdonshire Vol.2 20

APPENDIX 4 Memorials


1. Jacob Julien Baumgartner, d. 1816; Tryce Mary, his wife, d. 1815; Robert Jacob, their son, d. 1810;

    and Tryce Mary Susanna, their daughter, d. 1835; John Thomas Baumgartner, of Godmanchester, d. 1874;

    and Phillipa, his wife, d. 1882.

2. The Hon. Ursula [Cockburn Dickinson], daughter of Lord Londesborough, d. 1880

3. Window to Francis Trevelyan Egerton Cockburn-Dickinson, d. 1885.

4. Reginald Charles Coleridge, d. 1912.

5. Window renovated in memory of Leonard & Phyllis Everett 1983


1. John Sugar Thompson, d. 1846, and Susanna, his wife, d. 1842.

2. War Memorial, 1914-1918: Sec Lieutenant John Arthur Marshall, Sergt Herbert John Freeman,

    Sergt Edward Frank Todd, Corpl Joseph Edwin Livett, M.M., Corpl George Robinson Wells,

    Pte Albert Edward Rann, Pte Joseph Belsham, Pte Charles Amos Baxter, Pte Albert William Linford,

    Pte George Childs, Pte Albert Walter Hall.

1. War Memorial, 1939-45 The chiming set was installed in 1949 to the glory of God & dedicated

    to the memory of Alfred George Ernist Jones; George William Arthur Mitchell

    and William Ernest Warren who lost their lives in the war.

Floor slabs:

1. Robert Waller, d. 1730.

2. Daniel John Hopkins MA Formerly curate and after vicar of the parish for 28 years 16-6-1857 in his 79th year:

3. Mary wife of Daniel Hopkins whose short but virtuous life was suddenly closed after giving birth to an infant

    son on the evening of 1st Jan 1822 in the 27th year of her age.

    Also of second wife Esther Barnard Hopkins whose zealous life was terminated by consumption on the

    morning of the 23rd day of September 1827 in the 42nd year of her age.

North aisle:

1. Mary wife of John Waller, d. 1745, age 27.

2. Emily Lizette Gladwin, d. 1860, & a floor slab to E. L. G. by north door.

3. Leslie Charles Papworth devoted to the service of British legion 1888 - 1950

4. Robert Hibberd 1904 to Jan. 1983, chorister for 60 years & sexton for 45 years.

South aisle:

1. John Trotter, citizen & grocer of London d. 1746 and Elizabeth (Snagg), his wife, d, 1742.

2. Leonard Waller, d. 1794, and Mary, his wife, d. 1764.

3. Charles Desborough 19th March 1929, Constance his wife 31st July 1929


1. The Rev. Vyner Snell, B.A., Rector of Doddington, Cambs, d. 1751; Mary, his daughter,

    d. 1735; Margaret (Hall), his wife, d 1794; and her sister, Mary Hall. 21





General 1538 - 1766 2535/1

(marriage entries cease in 1753) (M & B 1539 a)

Baptisms & Burials 1766 - 1812 2535/2

Baptisms 1813 - 1893 2535/3

Burials 1813 - 1938 2535/4


(with Banns, 1754 -1793) 1754 -1812 2535/5

Marriages 1813 - 1835 2535/6

1837 - 1958 2535/7

Banns 1824 - 1906 2535/8

(on the inside of the back cover are a few baptisms for 1893 - 94)


Vestry Minute Book 1781 - 1867 2535/9

Overseers of the Poor: Account Book 1828 - 1839 2535/10

Printed copy of the Act for dividing, Allotting and Inclosing the 1771 2535/11

Open and Commable Fields, meadows, Pastures, Lands and

Waste Grounds of the Manor, Parish and Liberties of Hartford

Hartford Inclosure Award. 15 May, 1772 2535/12

Manor of Hartford: Copy of Court Roll. 5 Feb. 1813 2535/13

Manor of Hartford: Compensation Agreement conveyance. 23 July 1937 2535/14

Manor of Hartford: Attested copy of Conveyance & Enfranchisement 12 Nov 1859 2535/15

A large number of documents from the iron chest in the church, were deposited with the County record office in the 1980's. These had not been examined at the time of the research for this booklet.


Inscriptions of some churchyard memorials

A Sacred/ to the memory of/ JOHN PEACOCK/ (son of Rev. W PEACOCK/ and ANN his

wife)/ who died Feb 15th 1840/in the 45th year of his age/ Absent from the body present

with the Lord/ 2 Cor 3 37 verse/

(Headstone) [PR-John PEACOCK otp bur 2 Feb 1840 aged 45]

B [ ]elict of the late/[ ]LIAM PEACOCK/ [ ]d this life 11 June 1835/[ ]16 year of her

age/ [ ] faith and hope of a joyful/ [ ]rection through Jesus Christ/ [ ] voice from heaven

saying unto me/ [ ] blessed are the dead which die in the/ [ ] from henceforth yea saith the

spirit/ (bottom line indistinct)/

(Broken headstone) [PR - Ann PEACOCK otp bur 17 June 1835 aged 85] 22

C In memory of/ the Rev WILLIAM PEACOCK/ Rector of Woolley/ in the County of Hun

tingdon/ who departed this life/ January the 10th 1817/ in the 68th year of his age/

(Headstone) [PR - William PEACOCK otp bur 15 Jan 1817 aged 67]

D To/the memory of/ GEORGE PEACOCK/ who died the 24 of August 1803/in his 15th


(Headstone) [PR - George PEACOCK son of Rev William & Ann bur 26 Aug 1803]

E Sacred/ to the memory of/ ANNE AYLMER/ daughter of ROB AYLMER Gent/ who

departed this life/ on the 28th day of April 1824/ the day on which she completed/ the 61

year of her age/ This stone is erected by her/ sincere friend CATHERINE STEPHENSON/

(Headstone) [PR-Ann AYLMER otp bur 3 May 1824 aged 60]

F In/ memory of/ GEORGE YEW/ who died/ August 23rd 1821/ aged 65 years/ In/ memory

of/ MARY wife of/ GEORGE YEWS/ who died/ January 14th 1823 aged 71 years/

(Headstone) [P R - George YEWS of Hartford bur 26 Aug 1821 Aged 65. Mary YEWS of

Hemingford Grey bur 18 Jan 1823 aged 72]

G Sacred/ to the memory of/ JAMES HATFIELD/ who departed this life/ July 28th 1831/ in

the 55th year of his age/ Also of/ ANNE his wife/ who died Nov 8th 1863/ aged 78 years/

To the memory of/ ROBERT MARTIN/ HATFIELD son of/ JAMES and ANNE HAT

FIELD who died April 10 1837/ aged 17 years/ To the memory of/ MARY RUSSELL/

HATFIELD dau of/ JAS & ANNE HATFIELD/ who died May 1 1839/ aged 17 years/

ANN HULL/ HATFIELD/ died Decr 28th 1883/in her 69th year/ To the memory of/

JAMES the infant son/ of JAMES and/ ANNE HATFIELD/ who died April 8th 1818/ aged

5 months/

(Square column with pyramidal cap) [P R - James HATFIELD bur 28 Jul 1831 aged 55. Ann HATFIELD of Barringham Hall, Thetford District, Norfolk & Suffolk bur 13 Nov 1863 aged 78. Robert Martin HATFIELD of Brampton bur 17 Apr 1837 aged 17. Mary Russell HAT-FIELD of Brampton bur 6 May 1839 aged 17. Ann Hull HATFIELD of Neworth bur 7 Jan 1884 aged 69. James HATFIELD of Hartford bur 12 Apr 1818 aged 5 months]

H Sacred to the memory of/ the Revd HENRY SWEETING MA. died 29 June 1856 aged 39/

(Coped stone with cross-shaped cover)

Ia Sacred/ to the memory of/ BENEDICTA DELAMORE/ who died March/the 8 1782 aged

77/ Sacred/ to the memory of/ EVA WADE SON relict/ of ROB WADESON/ who died

November/ the 12 1781 aged 56/ Sacred/ to the memory of/ MARY WADE SON/ [ ? ]

daughter of/ ROBERT and/ ANN WADE SON/ who died May/ the 24 1830/ aged 77/

Sacred/ to the memory of/ the Revd EDW WADESON/ eldest son of ROBERT/ and EVA

WADESON/ who died September/ the 2nd 1818/ aged 67/

(Hexagonal column with pyramidal cap standing on No. lb) [P R - Benedicta DELAMORE spin bur 13 Mar 1782. Eva WADESON bur 18 Nov 1781. Mary WADESON of Huntingdon bur 31 May 1830 aged 77. Rev Edward WADESON of Huntingdon bur 7 Sep 1818 aged 67] lb EVA WADESON/ Ob. 12 No[ ]81 Et 56/ Be [ ]more/

(Rectangular stone face up beneath No. Ia) [P R - See No. Ia]

J Sacred/ to the memory of/ HENRY STAMFORD/ who died October 22nd 1858 aged 66 years/ 23

(Headstone) [P R - Henry STAMFORD of Hartford bur 25 Oct 1858 aged 66]

K To the memory of/ SUSANNA the wife/ of EDWARD ABRAHAM/ who died the 13/ of March 1807/ aged 36[?] years/

(Headstone) [P R - Susannah ABRAHAM wife of Edward bur 18 Mar 1807]

L LEONARD BUTT/ who died Oct 2 1787/ aged 73/ Sacred to the memory of/ JOSEPH BUTT/ who departed this life/ November the 3 1804/ aged 63 years/ [ ]/MARY BUTT his wife who departed this life/ January the 11 181 1 aged 77 years/ Near this place/lies JOHN THOMPSON/ infant son of JOHN & MARY ANN/ BUTT/ who departed this life/ December the 9 1822, / aged/ five days/

(Square column with cap on square base) [P R - Leonard BUTT bur 7 Oct 1787. Joseph BUTT bur 9 Nov 1804. Mary BUTT wife of Joseph, farmer bur 15 Jan 1811. John Thompson BUTT of Hartford bur 1 1 Dec 1822 aged 5 days]

M In memory of/ SAMUEL HALL/ who departed this life/ Jany 23/1818 aged 58 years/

(Headstone) [P R - Samuel HALL otp bur 30 Jan 1818 aged 58]

N In memory of/ HAM[?]ETT HALL/ who departed this life/ Jan 23, / 1815 aged 23 years/

(Headstone) [P R - Harriet? HALL otp bur 26 Jan 1815 aged 22]

O In affectionate/ remembrance of/ ROBERT BURRELL/ who died 30th Sept 1863/ aged 46 years/ God hath not appointed us to wrath but/ to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ/ who died for us that whether we wake/ or sleep we should live together with Him/ Also of/ JANE BOWYER CRANFIELD/ wife of the above/ who died 17th March 1919/ aged 98 years/ At evening time it shall be light/

(Horizontal stone on low plinth. Indications that it was once within railings) [P R - Robert BURRELL of Hartford bur 6 Oct 1863 aged 46. Jane Bowyer CRANFIELD of Brampton bur 2 1 Mar 1919 aged 98]

Pa In/loving memory/ of/ DANIEL CLARKE/ who died Augst 23rd 1818/ aged 70 years/ "Death is swallowed up in victory" 1 Cor XV 54/ "Where is death's sting?/ where grave thy victory?"/ Also of MARY ANN/ wife of the above/ who died at Barnsley Feb 10 1904/in her 84th year/ Her children arise up and call her/ blessed/ Also of CATHERINE TURNELL/ 3rd daughter of the above/ died May 25th 1910 aged 59 years/ Interred at Worsboro Dale/

(Headstone) [P R - Daniel CLARKE bur 26 Aug 1888 aged 70. Mary Ann CLARKE of Barnsley bur 13 Feb 1904 aged 83]

Pb D.C/1888 (footstone)

Reference: Mike Stephenson 1998 Original document: Huntingdonshire Family History Soci-ety

R Table Tomb, south of chancel, close to river wall, Henry Thomas Ban-att, Soliciter died 1841, one of the best and longest epitaphs in the country, it commences

'Unknown to fame, nor wishing to be known, yet sleeps beneath this monumental stone, no common man, and ne'er was record set o'er one more worth an honest hearts regret. 24

Reference: P. C. M. Dickenson 1944


1086 First record in the Domesday Book of a wooden church at Hartford

1180 Present Church built under the Patronage of the Prior of Huntingdon.

1247 First record of Clergy.(List available up to the present day) 1349 John de Infirmaria de

Herford, as well as being Vicar was the Principal of the Infirmary of St. Giles which

stood in the Hartford Meadows, but closed in this year, because of the reduction in the

population owing to the Black Death. 1514 Parishioners took action against their

Patron, the Prior of Huntingdon, over Navigation Rights of the river, but were defeated.

1552 There were five bells in the late 15th century tower

1540 Due to the dissolution of the Monasteries, the Patronage of the Church became vacant.

1544 Sir Henry Williams, alias Cromwell, bought the land and acquired the Patronage of the Church.

1565 The parishioners took action against Sir Henry Williams due to his neglect of the maintenance of the Church.

1585 Sir Henry Williams was brought to trial and found guilty of not carrying out his duties to maintain the church.

1590 The Patronage of our church became the responsibility of the Crown.

1845 Old vicarage built.

1860 Vicarage extension

1861 Extensive restoration of the church took place.

1895 Restoration: roof re-tiled; organ, font and pulpit moved; bells re-hung; new lamps.

1898 Parish Hall built opposite vicarage gates.

1936 Vicarage refurbishment.

1948 Faculty to allow installation of electricity in the church. 1949 Chiming apparatus installed for bells.

1983 Present vicarage built.

2003 Reception facilities added to the church.

My primary source for information has been “All Saints Church Hartford – A brief guide and history” which was researched and compiled by Mrs L Coley & Mr D. Cozens in 1980.

This was updated in 1999 by Mr J.S. Craven.

Thanks are also due to Mike Stephenson of the Huntingdonshire Family History Society for providing and granting permission to use copyright resources of the Huntingdonshire Family History Society for this website.

If you are interested in finding out more there are a number of resources both online and using more traditional resources.

Those that I have identified are:

The Huntingdonshire Family History Society. The Hunts FHS has published the Hartford Parish Registers from 1538 - 1890 and the Monumental inscriptions for the years 1707 - 1999.

These can be obtained from their bookstall at Huntingdon Library

Cambridgeshire Library online archives at

The British History society especially at:

The Norris Museum, St Ives

The Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon