Utilities – the cost for utilities totalled £2,295 in 2021 compared with £2,935 in 2020. The charge by utility was £1,618 for gas, £605 for electricity and £72 for water. There was a reduction in the use of gas and electricity due to the lockdown in quarter one. We have a contract with Total Energies using the Energy Basket negotiated for the Church of England through the Parish Buying Organisation which provides green energy at competitive prices. However, it should be noted that in the last quarter of 2021 the price we paid for energy increased by 15% following the large increase in global energy prices. The budget for utilities in 2022 of £3,500 reflects this based on our normal annual usage. Repairs and Maintenance – £12,733 was spent on repairs and maintenance and includes the payment of £9,171 for the final invoice for the organ renovation. The following repairs were also undertaken; replacement of the pressurisation unit for the church heating system - £1,053; the new Lectern Microphone - £435; the new Lantern Seat - £1,600; and rehanging the main Church Doors £150. Equipment and Furnishings - £4,431 includes £1,825 paid to Pedlars for the pew cushions and £1,132 to Cambridge Interiors for the curtains. £1,000 has been transferred into the contra account and ringfenced as the deposit for the Oak Audio Unit which has been ordered from Jacowe Joinery. The Oak Audio Unit will house the PA and music systems and is the final part of the works arising from the organ renovation. Insurance - our insurance cover is provided by Ecclesiastical Insurance and the premium paid in 2021 was £2,337. A three-year agreement with Ecclesiastical Insurance was renewed in 2021 using the Parish Plus Scheme and is next due for renewal in June 2024. The PCC reviews the level of cover it holds annually.  Recognition – We owe a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who gives regularly to the Church. In doing so we must never forget the people who give freely of their time, talent, and energy some of whom provide goods to support the church which has a real benefit in helping us to reduce our expenditure. Thank you.  BANK FUNDS AND OTHER ASSETS Bank Funds  The PCC holds three bank accounts: a Current Account and Instant Access Savings (IAS) Account with Lloyds Bank and an Investment Account with the CCLA. Money excess to our day-to-day needs is held in The CBF Church of England Investment Fund at the CCLA enabling us to get the best return on the funds we hold.  At the 31stDecember 2021 there was £6,913 in our Lloyds Bank Current Account and £8,961 in the Instant Access Savings Account (IAS). We hold 1739.77 shares in The CBF Church of England Investment Fund and at the 31stDecember 2021 the value of this investment was £40,687 compared with £34,625 at the 31stDecember 2020, an increase in value of £6,001.
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