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ALL SAINTS CHURCH HARTFORD ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st DECEMBER 2021  Independent Examiner’s Report to the PCC of All Saints Church Hartford  I have examined the Report and Financial Statements of the PCC set out on pages 3 to 8, in accordance with the instructions which have been given to me without carrying out a full audit. The Independent Examination has been carried out in accordance with the Church Accounting Regulations 2006 and the Charities Act 2011. In my opinion the report and Financial Statements which have been prepared by the Treasurer on behalf of the PCC, in so far as those records concern the running of the PCC, is a fair summary of the accounting records for the year ended 31 December 2021 and is sufficiently supported by accounts, receipts and records.  Signature:                                                                                                        Date: 1st February 2022  D Ebdale Independent Examiner Clock Tower Cottage,  The Green, Houghton,  Huntingdon,  Cambridgeshire PE28 2AX  These accounts were approved by the Parochial Church Council at the meeting on 21st March 2022.  Signed for and on the behalf of the PCC:           Rev Geoff Boucher          Rector          Mr Paul Fearon                Treasurer  Contents  Page 3         Income and Expenditure Account                                     Statement of Bank Funds    Page 4 – 8   Treasurer’s Report
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